Walmart to use PRP Industries’ Corsol® Metal Treatment System when refurbishing trailers


After extensive on-road testing, Walmart has announced they will use PRP Industries’ Corsol® Metal Treatment System on all its refurbished trailers. The world’s largest retailer, Walmart owns the largest private fleet in the U.S. with more than 7,500 tractors and 40,000 trailers.

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IC Corporation to test PRP corrosion solution products to fight corrosion on school buses

IC Corporation

In an effort to maintain their dominance in the school bus market, IC Bus has begun testing bus components treated with PRP Industries’ Corsol® corrosion resistant metal treatment. Corsol® is an innovative metal treatment system that provides high corrosion and chip resistance to treated metals. Unlike paints which can shrink over time and shatter upon impact, Corsol® creates a durable "skin" electrochemically bonded to the material beneath it.

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PRP receives additional order for components to be coated for new generation of test vehicles

General Dynamics

Positive test results from the original test vehicles prompted General Dynamics to request additional parts be treated with PRP Industries' Corsol® Metal Treatment System for ongoing vehicle testing.

Benson Designs finds unique use for Corsol® on ornametal and architectural iron work

Benson Designs of Green Bay, Wisconsin has started using Corsol® on some of its ornamental and architectural iron work. Originally developed for industrial application, Corsol® has been chosen due to its durability, satin finish, and corrosion resistance. Phil Pierce, President of PRP Industries says, "Benson's work is another example of the versatility of this exciting product, it's great to see something that we have created used to preserve the beauty of Benson’s work."

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PRP works with Princeton Delivery Systems to implement new coating process

Princeton Delivery Systems, the leading North American manufacturer of truck mounted forklift products, will begin treating components utilizing PRP Industries' Corsol® Metal Treatment System. With manufacturing and parts warehouse facilities located outside Columbus, Ohio, Princeton designs, manufacturers and sells the PiggyBack® brand through a nationwide network of more than 50 material handling equipment distributors. Princeton Delivery Systems is part of the Hiab Load Handling Group of Cargotec Corporation. Based in Helsinki Finland, Cargotec is the world's leading provider of cargo-handling solutions for ships, ports, terminals and load distribution.

MDOT to test PRP Metal Polymerization in hopes of cutting costs


The State of Michigan Department of Transportation has agreed to test PRP Industries' Metal Polymerization on some of its highway maintenance equipment. Funding cuts and higher equipment costs demand that vehicles and equipment last longer and that a solution for corrosion is found.

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IC Corporation to expand Corsol™ tests

IC Corporation

After favorable results from initial testing of Corsol® treated components, IC Bus has made the decision to expand the testing to include additional components.

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Skidaway Institute of Oceanography to test PRP anti-corrosion products on land and on sea.


Skidaway Institute of Oceanography to test PRP anti-corrosion products for offshore test equipment, underwater equipment, and land based equipment. Skidaway hopes to increase the life of its equipment that is currently susceptible to the corrosion caused by salt water. PRP Industries Metal Polymerization has proven its protection in high salt environments and expects Skidaway’s tests will confirm PRP MP unique capabilities.

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Trailer productivity: corrosion control

An article by Seth Skydel from the Fleet Equipment Magazine

Durability. Cost. Image. Three main factors in fleet decisions about trailer specifications that are directly affected by a common enemy — corrosion. From the roofline to structural members, suspensions, axles, landing gear and upper-couplers, constant bombardment by moisture and debris — as well as exposure to road salts and other de-icing materials — makes specifying trailers for corrosion protection of utmost concern to fleet managers. Equally aware of the challenge are trailer, system and component manufacturers, who are addressing the problems caused by corrosion with new technologies and processes.

Survey exposes corrosion as "cigarettes" of transportation industry

prp swirl

Corrosion is the leading preventable cause of premature trailer demise.

A recent survey of US fleets reveals that the majority of dry van trailers are prematurely removed from service due to corrosion. Conducted by anti-corrosion specialists PRP Industries, the survey indicates that approximately 90% of TL and LTL van trailers are removed from service due to three reoccurring ailments; cross-member, door frame and upper coupler corrosion.

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