2018 TMC Annual Meeting & Exhibition

March 5-8, 2018, PRP Industries will be attending the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. Please visit Booth #2845 for more information on a proven corrosion solution for your fleet. 

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Kalyn Siebert Now Utilizing Corsol MP System As An Effective Alternative To Galvanizing

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Proprietary process produces exceptional corrosion protection for an entire trailer, including steel components such as air tanks, hydraulic cylinders, and suspensions

(Gatesville, TX) – Addressing the demand for more versatile corrosion control options on Hydraulic Sliding Axle and other heavy equipment trailers that operate in extreme weather conditions, premium trailer manufacturer Kalyn Siebert proudly announces that it will now offer this superior corrosion protection as an option available for its entire product line. PRP Industries’ Corsol MP system has been proven to provide exceptionally high protection against corrosion undercutting and blistering and is an effective alternative to hot-dip galvanizing. Kalyn Siebert anticipates that the corrosion protection provided by the Corsol MP system will be particularly well suited for Hydraulic Sliding Axle trailer operators in the towing, recovery and transportation markets.

“Kalyn Siebert already has a state-of-the art blasting and painting facility. However, many of our clients operate their trailers in some of the most unforgiving environments in the world,” stated Kalyn Siebert Managing Director Ryan Rockafellow. “We wanted more corrosion protection than what paint provides in order to meet our clients’ long-term equipment needs. This is truly an alternative to hot-dip galvanizing providing the exceptional corrosion protection that our Hydraulic Sliding Axle clients are looking for.” 

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PRP Licenses ECS for Wheel Refinishing Process

PRP Industris has granted a license to Engineered Coating Services of Muskegon, MI  for a wheel refinishing process utilizing the CORSOL® corrosion solution technology. ECS specializes in the prevention of corrosion through the application of chemicals and coatings to various substrates subjected to corrosive environments. ECS has a long proven track record of solving corrosion problems within the offshore oil industry and heavy trucking industry. PRP Industries worked closely with ECS to develop this process to protect commercial wheels from corrosion. For more information regarding wheel refinishing visit

Spartan Chassis Specifies PRP Corsol® System on Fuel Tanks

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Engineers at Spartan Chassis worked with the Engineers at PRP Industries to identify a cost effective corrosion solution for fuel tanks on their emergency response chassis. The standard powder coated fuel tanks were not performing to the standards set by Spartan Chassis. After over a year of field testing and evaluation, PRP Industries implemented the Corsol Metal Treatment System into the fuel tank manufacturing process for Spartan Chassis. The superior corrosion resistance of the Corsol Treated Fuel Tanks has prompted many new vehicle purchasers to specify Corsol Treated Fuel Tanks on their next purchase. 

The Spartan Chassis is the leading provider of custom chassis to non-vertically integrated fire truck manufacturers. 

Lindy Paving saves $25,000 per trailer


New Castle, Pennsylvania:  When Tim Lange, equipment manager from Lindy Paving Inc. read an article about an advanced corrosion prevention Metal Treatment from PRP Industries, Inc. called Corsol®, Lange asked flatbed manufacturer to apply it to the flatbed he intended to purchase.  That was in 2007.  Three winters later, Lange observed that the Corsol® treated flatbed had no flaking, rust or blistering bubbles, while his other three-year-old trailers needed complete paint refurbishment.  When Lange was ready to purchase another flatbed, he called the OEM to specify Corsol®. 

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Wilson Trailer Introduces Corsol on Flatbed Trailers at MATS

Wilson Trailer introduces Corsol Metal Treatment System on flatbed trailers. 

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PRP Receives Palfinger Approval

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After 2 years of testing and evalution by Palfinger Engineers, PRP receives approval for their anti corrosive systems for Palfinger North America. Palfinger will start using the PRP solutions on their truck mounted forklifts produced in North America.  PALFINGER is now one of the leading truck equipment manufacturers offering a comprehensive Product Portfolio of cranes, hooklifts, cable hoists, forklifts, liftgates, service bodies and platforms.

FedEx Freight to test Corsol® on trailers


FedEx Freight has decided to test PRP Industries’ Corsol® Metal Treatment System on a group of its trailers. It is hoped that Corsol®will extend the life of FedEx’s trailers, potentially saving millions in repair and replacement expenses.

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PRP works with General Dynamics to provide an anti-corrosive coating on new combat vehicle

General Dynamics

PRP is working with General Dynamics to provide an anti-corrosive coating for a new hybrid electrical combat vehicle eyed to eventually replace the outdated Humvee. PRP Industries has treated several components with Corsol®Metal Treatment System, on three of the original test vehicles.

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