WSDOT & PRP to perform corrosion testing

WSDOT & PRP to perform corrosion testing

PRP Industries entered into a corrosion test study with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

PRP Industries will perform a series of field studies with WSDOT on plow trucks to identify cost effective solutions to the increased corrosion problems on vehicles. This study will help to identify solutions to corrosion on vehicle frames, fuel tanks, wheels, air valves, dump bodies and other various components. The test will be conducted on new trucks and components going into service.

A new body treated with PRP CORSOL®, then top coated with PRP Acrylic Urethane.

Brake valves and glad hand treated with CORSOL® prior to installation.

A new wheel is stripped of its coating, treated with CORSOL®, then top coated with PRP Hybrid Urethane.

Multiple steel panels are coated with various products and installed for test evaluation. Included in the test are multiple CORSOL® panels baked at various temperatures.

Corrosion mass loss coupons installed in multiple locations to determine corrosion rate of test vehicle.