Case Studies

For over 13 years PRP® Industries has provided corrosion solutions for a vast number of products throughout the world. PRP® has developed a number of products and processes through years of field evalution in the harshest environments.

  • Offshore Valves Developed offshore coating process Read More Read Less


    An offshore valve customer was having corrosion problems with their paint systems used on offshore products within a 6 month time frame. The corrosion issues were primarily due to the harsh environment and corrosion undercutting of the paint film.

    Problems after 6 months.

    severe corrosion after 4 years


    PRP® Industries developed a coating system for the customer and initially tested the process on actual production components. This consited of an accelerated outdoor test exposed to various corrosive chlorides, UV light, temperature and humidity extremes over a 6 month time frame. A second round of testing was conducted at a Florida saltwater corrosion site for a period of 6 months. The second round of testing also confirmed that the PRP® System provided superior corrosion protection.

    the photos below show significant improvement with the prp® system over the standard coating system after 6 months of outdoor exposure. the prp system is the bottom photo. 

    the photos below show significant improvement over the standard coating systems after 6 months of outdoor florida exposure. the prp® sytem is on the 2 panels on the right.



    The PRP® System was implemented on valve production and corrosion problems were resolved.

  • Irrigation Developed coating for water pipe Read More Read Less


    An irrigation pipe manufacturer was having problems with the paint that they were using to coat pipe. The paint on the interior of the pipe would flake off and cause clogging of the spray nozzels and the exterior of the pipe would corrode due to he acidic nature of the liquid being sprayed. Due to the low pH of the liquid galvanizing did not offer a solution to the problem as zinc corrodes at a rapid rate under low pH conditions.


    PRP® Industries introduced an alternative to galvanizing in a spray application. The METAL POLYMERIZATION® proccess that was used prevented undercutting and protection against the low pH liquid. 

  • Tilt Beds Eliminated warranty claims Read More Read Less


    A tilt bed manufacturer was having corrosion and paint issues with their bodies. Warranty claims were becoming a significant cost to the business and they were looking for a solution to the problem.


    PRP® Industries implemented the CORSOL® corrosion solution into their facility on all production. Warranty claims were eliminated and they were able to promote their bodies with superior corrosion protection.

  • WDOT Corrosion Study Read More Read Less


    The Washington Department of Transportation contacted PRP® Industries to help eliminate many of the corrosion problems that they were having on their fleet of equipment throughout the state. The department was being pressured to extend their equipment lifecycles from 10 to 13 years. Corrosion was limiting the Department from extending this cycle due to the increased added cost of replacing or repairing components due to corrosion degredation.

    dump body corrosion

    cab corrosion

    frame corrosion

    plow corrosion

    spreader corrosion

  • Utility Trailers Reduced chipping from gravel roads Read More Read Less


    A utility trailer manufacturer contacted PRP® Industries regarding problems with chipping of their epoxy and urethane paint. Customers that traveled gravel roads with their trailers were not happy with the performance of the paint due to severe chipping and corrosion. Some of the customers actually began to purchase hot dipped galvanized trailers from a competitor.


    PRP® initiated a field test with a customer having the chipping and corrosion problems. One half of the trailer was protected using CORSOL® corrosion solution and the other half of the trailer was painted with an epoxy primer topcoated with an acrylic urethane,


    After 2 years of service in the field, CORSOL® corrosion solution showed a dramatic improvement over the epoxy urethane and the customer was very pleased with the results.

    Below is a photo of the half of the trailer that was painted with epoxy primer and topcoated with an acrylic urethane.

    Below is a photo of the half of the trailer that was protected with CORSOL® CORROSION SOLUTION.

  • Fuel Tanks 10 year corrosion-free fuel tanks Read More Read Less


    A manufacturer of fuel tanks contacted PRP® Industries to help resolve a corrosion and adhesion problem with fuel tanks. The OEM that purchased and installed the tanks on vehicles was faced with significant warranty claims from customers within the first year.


    PRP® implemented CORSOL® corrostion solution into the fuel tank manufacturing facility. The OEM that once had problems with fuel tanks now promotes their fuel tanks that are protected utilizing the PRP® process.

  • Bus Bumpers 20 year corrosion-free bumpers Read More Read Less

    PRODUCT:   School Bus Bumpers

    PROBLEM:  School bus customer was having corrosion problems on bumpers within a year of purchasing new busses. Bus manufacturer was at risk of losing a good customer due to the corrosion problems. Bumper manufacturer was told to fix the problem or lose the business.

    EXISTING SYSTEM: Bumpers were washed and pre-treated with a 5 stage iron phosphate system then powder coated gloss black.

    PROPOSED SOLUTION:  The bumper manufacturer was told to plan for a 7 stage zinc phosphate pre-treatment system, a zinc rich powder primer and a gloss powder top coat.

    PRP® INDUSTRIES SOLUTION:  PRP® was able to develop a system utilizing the current 5 stage wash system, eliminating the iron phosphate, and introducing a wet coat primer and top coat. And able to eliminate the use of high temp powder bake ovens, therefore reducing energy costs.

    TEST METHOD:  Bus ran through a 2 year corrosion test at Ford Motor Company Arizona Proving Grounds. The test performed simulated 25 years of exposure.

    BENEFITS: Utilized existing wash system, eliminate iron phosphate, dramatically increased corrosion protection, eliminate costly ovens

    1/2 section of an original OEM bumper treated with CORSOL® Corrosion solution

    60 APG cycles, Corsol® corrosion solution compared to standard powder coat

    100 APG cycles, Corsol® corrosion solution compared to standard powder coat

    150 apg cycles, the bumper shows physical damage caused during the test as well as some staining but there is very little corrosion compared to the powder coated bumper section in the following 2 photographs


    150 apg cycles, powder coated bumper section

    CORSOL® corrosion solution for both new and refurbished bumpers is now available through engineered coating services. whether it is a new bumper you are looking to treat or an existing bumper you are looking to repair call ecs for assistance (231) 767-9799.

  • Gas Cylinders Increased life cycle and production Read More Read Less


    A gas cylider testing and refinishing facility contacted PRP® Industries to help resolve a corrosion problem on gas cylinders for the offshore oil industry. Gas cylinders were corroding within a year after being sent offshore. The corrosion caused pitting of the steel which reduced the service life of the gas cylinders.

    corrosion of cylinders with less than 1 year of service

    field testing

    PRP® treated a group of cylinders utilizing CORSOL® corrosion solution and shipped the group offshore with a group of standard coated cylinders. After a year in the field the PRP® cylinders showed no signs of corrosion.

    the photo below shows the standard cylinder group on top compared to the prp® cylinders on the bottom

    Below are closeup photos of the prp® cylinders


    CORSOL® corrosion solution was implemented on all of the offshore cylinder production and the corrosion problem was eliminated, therefore increasing the life of the gas cylinders.

    gas cylinder production photos

  • Valve Actuators Prevented Actuator Corrosion Read More Read Less


    A customer in the business of manufacturing shutoff valves and actuators was in search of a solution to corrosion problems for applications in corrosive environments. Stainless steel was used to resolve some of the problems but not available for all components.


    PRP® Industries utilized both CORSOL® corrosion solution and METAL POLYMERIZATION® to treat the components therefore resolving the corrosion problems for the customer.


  • Gun Safes Developed anti-corrosive spatter coat Read More Read Less


    PRP® Industries was contacted by a safe manufacturing company that was developing a line of gun safes to be used in residential garages. The gun safes needed to be resistant to corrosion due to damp environments and de-icing salts often found within a garage. The standard powder coat that was used would not stand up to the enviroment and they were looking into multiple solutions including galvanized steel. 


    PRP® developed a spatter coat metal treatment to use on safes that was both corrosion resistant as well as durable.  

  • Dump Bodies Extended life cycle from 5 to 10+ years Read More Read Less


    The Washington State Department of Transportation was having to repaint dump bodies every 3 to 5 years in order to keep them from deteriorating due to corrosion.

    field testing:

    PRP® Industries entered into a corrosion test study with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

    PRP® Industries will perform a series of field studies with WSDOT on plow trucks to identify cost effective solutions to the increased corrosion problems on vehicles. This study will help to identify solutions to corrosion on vehicle frames, fuel tanks, wheels, air valves, dump bodies and other various components. The test will be conducted on new trucks and components going into service.