How We Do Business

  • Consultation
    Step 1 Consultation

    Gather information. PRP® Industries explores sources of paint and corrosion problems, evaluates needs, products, processes, equipment and staff.  Our staff will interview:

    • Sales staff, which understand field expectations.  
    • Superintendents, who understands production.    
    • Purchasing representatives, regarding budget.
  • Plant Visit
    Step 2 Plant Visit
    Plant Visit

    Evaluate current paint process and chemicals, field performance and production requirements and limitations. What is the environment that the equipment will operate in? What are your coating objectives and desired end results: aesthetics, durability, life cycle or anti-corrosion. What are your facility capacities? What is working and not working? Identify proprietary chemicals and equipment that might integrate with your needs and facilities. 

  • Consolidate Information
    Step 3 Consolidate Information
    Consolidate Information

    Aggregate research, including pictures, process times, readings, and staff input. The PRP® team of engineers in the field of chemistry, manufacturing, and equipment meet to formulate options and develop a tentative plan.

  • Discuss Options
    Step 4 Discuss Options
    Discuss Options

    Is tentative plan on track to meet customers' needs and objectives? The PRP® total system approach includes everything needed to get you to your desired end result, including but not limited to: pretreatment and coating equipment if needed, chemicals, primers, top coats, metal treatment, processes, procedures, training and quality control.

  • Rough Proposal
    Step 5 Rough Proposal
    Rough Proposal

    Client agrees on a tentative proposal and plan. PRP® experts revisit clients to ask questions and fine-tune proposal.

  • Finalize Proposal
    Step 6 Finalize Proposal
    Finalize Proposal

    Final proposal covers the total cost of the project, including coatings, chemicals and any equipment and labor needed to get you up and running. Proposed systems integrate into current processes as much as possible. New or adaptations to existing equipment in only introduced when necessary to help client meet objective.

  • Establish Plant Start-Up Timeline
    Step 7 Establish Plant Start-Up Timeline
    Establish Plant Start-Up Timeline

    PRP® Industries manufacturing engineers become part of your operations team, and plant implementation may occur on weekends and nights to minimize production disruptions.

  • Proprietary Products are Shipped
    Step 8 Proprietary Products are Shipped
    Proprietary Products are Shipped

    From heavy-duty surfactant pretreatments, to chemical steel conditioners, to CORSOL® corrosion solution, PRP® Industries has all the products you need to reach your desired end results.

  • Implement Coating Process
    Step 9 Implement Coating Process
    Implement Coating Process

    PRP® Industries installs equipment. The focus is on meeting established deadlines, objectives and end results. PRP® promises to meet established timeline and will stay on site to train staff and ensure equipment is fully operational. We also develop, print and issue customized SOP client manuals so that your system runs smoothly in our absence.

  • Inspections, Audits and Results
    Step 10 Inspections, Audits and Results
    Inspections, Audits and Results

    Most importantly, PRP® Industries takes ownership of the final results, such as cost savings, increased quality or production speed, and reduced VOC’s or dry time.